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 Secure Online Shopping

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL Technology)

We have made securing your data a priority. When a purchase is made, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that your information is encrypted. This means that no one else can read it while it is being transmitted over the Internet. SSL is regarded as the industry standard among encryption technologies, and is among the encryption technology available today for secure commerce transactions.

How can you be sure any connection is secure?


Look for an unbroken-key icon or a closed-lock icon in your browser window after accessing a server. You will usually find the icon in the lower-right or lower-left corner of your browser window, but some browsers display the icon elsewhere (near the address bar, for instance). The key or lock icon indicates that SSL is active and your information secure. You can also double-check by looking at the URL line of your browser. When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from "http" to "https".



You can always enter a domain name at any SSL checker:

     Our  certificate provider:

For example, SSL checkers:


GeoTrust® is the world's second largest digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet.


 Secure Credit Card Payment 

V-TAC-LED has engaged a globally accredited payment gateway service provider (Skrill) to secure all aspects involving customer payment via credit cards.All customer credit card information is securely submitted and processed entirely on our providers` specialized systems; V-TAC-LED cannot access, view, process or store sensitive cardholder data (such as credit card numbers, PIN codes or CCV codes).

For more information,  please visit the Skrill website.


 Secure PayPal Service

V-TAC-LED also offers an alternative secure payment service via PayPal at no cost to the customer. PayPal is a popular secure payment service that maintains high standards of security and assurance levels to protect both the customer and the merchant from security threats to payment accounts and credit card details.
For more information,  please visit the PayPal website.

 Bank Transfers


It is possible to pay for your order via bank transfer!

In case that you do not have a credit/debit card or that your card is not accepted to make online payments, it is possible to pay for your flight via bank transfer.

Raiffeisen Bank

For more information,  please visit the Raiffeizen bank website.